Health Care

Manshiet Nasser sits on an estimated 30-meter pile of garbage. The mountain of garbage is the source of respiratory and infectious diseases affecting the population there. Given these dire circumstances, the area is evidently infected, with high rates of children suffering from intestinal parasites, respiratory distress, and undernourishment.


In 2008, the Egyptian government closed the only medical facility in Manshiet Nasser making the availability of health services facilities such as hospitals, clinics and even pharmacies limited. In addressing the issue at its core, Nebny will renovate and reopen the old government hospital that would serve as the primary medical facility to Manshiet Nasser’s estimated 1 million inhabitants.

The project, which is estimated to cost approximately one million USD will be equipped with specialized clinics, and will implement advanced medical techniques such as telemedicine, allowing doctors to be connected to specialists across the world.


We have just secured funding to open a temporary medical facility that will be used to host our clinics.

The facility will be equipped with the following clinics:

– Dental

– General surgery clinic

– Obstetrics and gynecology

– Physiotherapy

– Skin and venereal diseases

– Internal medicine

– Pediatrics

– Laboratory

– Pharmacy

– X-Ray Lab


Manshiet Nasser sits on a 30-meter pile of garbage. The garbage mountain is a source of respiratory and infectious diseases affecting the community. In an attempt to solve the garbage problem, we have put forth a proposal to remove the garbage and create a community center.

The project, which will cost approximately $200,000, will create a safe environment for the area residents.

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