In an attempt to help rebuild the economy of Manshiet Nasser Nebny has implemented a number of programs to help provide employment opportunities for Manshiet Nasser residents.


Nebny began its work in Manshiet Nasser by developing Luxor Street where a lot of our development work is being carried out. A survey was conducted to identify the population’s key needs, based on which 10 buildings were renovated. The aim was to develop a model touristic street in Manshiet Nasser.


Manshiet Nasser is home to some of Cairo’s most skilled craftsmen who make handmade goods that were sold in Cairo marketplaces. With the recent drop in tourism in Egypt, many of these workshops suffered. In an attempt to save the economy of Manshiet Nasser, Nebny has developed a program focused on supporting the workshops in the area.

Nebny supports the workshops by helping them to improve the quality of their products and by expanding their retail markets. Nebny has worked with 14 workshops in Manshiet Nasser and has participated in 27 exhibitions across Cairo promoting their products.

Nebny is currently focusing on sustainable development in the workshops through the save a workshop campaign where we have started renovating the workshops with new equipment. To date, we have renovated two workshops.


Economic empowerment works on developing and implementing projects and ideas to create a sustainable income to support the families of Manshiet Nasser. It’s not just about improving life; it’s about creating a secure economic environment for the family to be able to create a life to begin with.


–       Vocational center:

A vocational center was created where persons are trained and taught a profession. They are then hired in our workshops to work on producing a unified product. The profits are reinvested in economic empowerment to support new workshops and micro-projects.

–       Micro-projects:

Nebny encourages Manshiet Nasser community members to develop and build upon their business ideas as a means of generating an income. In order to support these aspiring entrepreneurs, Nebny provides interest-free loans, cash-for-work schemes and technical support. To date, Nebny has created 30-micro-projects within the first year of the launch of micro-projects support


The Center for Entrepreneurship is a platform for the launch and growth of early stage businesses in Egypt. The center will screen and select up and coming business ideas and entrepreneurs in Egypt and will provide them with an array of services that will help to support entrepreneurs create pioneering innovative companies that will challenge the status quo and change the way people live their lives.

The center will be a one stop by the youth for the youth entrepreneurship center, which provides:
– Incubation
– Education
– Vocational Training
– Networking & Marketing Opportunities
– Financing

Saving lives, improving livelihoods.
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