Less than 10% of Egypt’s schools pass the national standards for “quality” education. Nebny’s education programs aim to provide underprivileged children with access to quality education opportunities and practical tools. Our programs are uniquely designed to provide children in Manshiet Nasser with the educational training in reading and writing, general education and creative and practical skills that will  put children in Manshiet Nasser on the college track.


Nebny established an after school program directed at Manshiet Nasser schools. The program focuses on practical education and ensuring that children acquire the skills necessary to be at a basic reading and writing level.  We launched a pilot program with 100 students in April. The program focused on a two-month intensive literacy program in which students were tested upon their enrollment in the program and periodically thereafter. Of the 100 students- none could read and write, even their name. After completion of the two month program, 60% of the students were at a basic reading and writing level.

Students are enrolled in a continuing education program upon completion of the two-month program.

Sponsor A Child’s Education:

Nebny provides a unique opportunity for the community to engage directly in Nebny’s education program by sponsoring a child’s enrollment in the program.

Program Costs:
  • Enrolls one student in the afterschool program for one year. Includes summer program;
  • Covers the cost of education materials and teacher salary; and
  • Provides the child with one meal per day during the program hours.



Nebny is in the process of establishing a learning center in Manshiet Nasser. The center will be equipped with state of the art technology which will enable students in our education program to have access to a wide array of educational tools. Students will have access to education and practical learning materials by utilizing computers and tablets enlarging the scope of available information and incorporating the latest in E-learning practices.


The Our Children “Atfalouna” program is focused on developing the moral, psychological and social aspects of the children of Manshiet Nasser. The goal of the program is to produce a generation of children who have proper morals and ethics.

There are seven main aspects of the Our Children -Atfalouna- program:

1) Morals and Ethics: Children are taught basic morals and ethics and the importance of good manners.

2) Science: Children are taught the importance of science through simple scientific experiments and cartoons.

3) Arts and Crafts: Children are taught to use their imagination and creative skills by creating artistic pieces, drawing and coloring.

4) Theater: Children are taught values, ethics, creativity and self expression through plays.

5) Team Building: Children participate in activities and games that instill group work and a sense of team spirit.

6) Sprouts: Children aged 4-6 are taught the alphabets in addition to the aforementioned activities in a simpler manner.

7) Parental Awareness: An essential component of the Our Children -Atfalouna- program is to encourage the cooperation and increase the awareness of the parents.


Nebny along with The Young Inventor Organization have implemented a program targeted at children age 6-15 in which they learn and apply scientific facts to enable them to discover their real potential.

The program mainly provides the children with scientific curriculum across ten different levels starting from the basics about electricity and electronics, and the academic experiments in their science curriculum at school and the basics of robotics in the tenth level.

The purpose of the program is to give an opportunity for advanced students to discover their actual potential.

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